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Woman beats boss with metal pipe after being late for work

By Mason White 11:27 AM November 12, 2014
Waasohn Senite Dorliae 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman of Minnesota, was arrested for beating her boss with a metal pipe.

The 25-year-old woman of St. Paul, was accused of repeatedly hitting a man with the metal plate after being told that she would very likely lose her job, according to the Prosecutor’s Office of Dakota County.

When Waasohn Senite Dorliae was reprimanded by her boss for being late, she allegedly responded by hitting him with the metal plate.

As a result, she has not only lost her job. She now faces felony charges of assault. The incident happened when Dorliae, who works on a line with metal, was late for work.

The victim told her that she would probably lose her job the next day. At that point, Dorliae allegedly grabbed a large one pound piece of metal, and hit her boss on the head and face at least five times.

As a result, the victim suffered multiple cuts to the face, chin and back of the head. Dorliae admitted to hitting her boss, but defended her actions by saying that he was discriminating and picking on her.

Dorliae, was charged with one count of felony assault in the second degree. If convicted, she could face up to seven years in prison or a fine of $14,000.