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Husband missing for nine years found married to another woman

By Mason White 5:11 PM November 12, 2014
Adam Marx 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was overjoyed when she found her husband who had disappeared nine years ago, on Facebook.

However, her world came crashing down when she learned that he was married to another woman.

Karen Marx, 48, of Wisconsin, said that her husband, Adam Marx, disappeared nine years ago. She never gave up hope, and kept looking for him.

When the man disappeared nine years ago, Karen thought she would never see the man again, as there was no explanation for his disappearance.

For years, Karen looked for her husband, and then one day, almost a decade later, she found him married to another woman.

“How could he remarry? Am I dead?” Karen said.

Interestingly enough, this was not the first time Adam had left a woman while still being married. In fact, when Karen was met Adam, he was still married to another woman.

He left his first wife and two children, to be with Karen and her kids. Adam divorced his first wife before marrying Karen a year after they met.

Karen said that during their marriage, her husband left and returned a few months later. “He told me it was my fault and that he could not handle my children,” Karen said.

When Adam returned, Karen forgave him and took him back. “My ultimatum was that if you ever do that to me again, I will not take you back,” she said.

Not long after, Adam packed up and left, this time for good, leaving his wife to deal with the huge debts he had accumulated.

Karen said that she was shocked to find her husband remarried while still legally married to her.

Adam was arrested, and is now facing charges of bigamy, fraud and making a false statement on a marriage license. He faces up to six years in prison if convicted.