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Priest caught at drug party selling cocaine

By Mason White 4:46 PM November 13, 2014
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A priest was arrested on drug charges after he was allegedly caught selling drugs during a wild party, police in Italy said.

Milan Police said that they arrested 45-year-old Don Stefano Maria Cavalletti, after being called to a private residence on a report of a loud drug party.

Once inside, officers found a large quantity of cocaine with the passport of the priest in the bathroom of the house.

Cavalletti told police he had been using cocaine to treat his depression ever since being convicted of fraud against an elderly woman.

He was accused of persuading the woman to transfer 22,000 euros ($27,420) into his checking account.

In October, a man and his wife of the United Kingdom, were about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in India, when they were found dead.

James and Alex Gaskell were found dead in their hotel room near the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra on Tuesday morning. The couple was found laying on their bed surrounded by many drugs including anti-depressant pills along with a guide book, travel bag and cell phone.

An autopsy confirmed that they were killed by “acute respiratory distress syndrome” due to taking an excessive amount of either Diazepam or Codeine.

The two, who were due to celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month, had traveled to India more than three months ago and had spoken freely about their use of prescription drugs on social networks.

James, 28, had tweeted about the ease with which they could buy painkillers including codeine, valium and xanax without a prescription at pharmacies in India.