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Woman plans her own funeral and undergoes chemotherapy after being misdiagnosed with liver cancer

By Mason White 6:38 PM November 13, 2014
Ann Milne with her husband 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in Scotland, who was misdiagnosed with a deadly form of cancer, planned her own funeral before learning that her tumors are benign.

56-year-old Ann Milne underwent six months of chemotherapy after doctors said that her liver tumors were malignant.

A year later however, doctors told her that the tumors are harmless. Milne said that when she was originally diagnosed she felt like she received a death sentence.

She used to be full of energy and loved taking walks with her family, but now she can hardly walk a few feet without getting tired.

Milne feels 20 years older. She feels disgusted that she went through chemotherapy for a disease she did not have. In 2003, a lump was found in her chest.

She underwent a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. After beating cancer the first time, she was wrongly diagnosed with liver cancer.

She doubts that her body can withstand a third cycle of chemotherapy if she is ever diagnosed with cancer again. During treatment, she suffered from hair loss, vomiting and fatigue.

She even planned her own funeral. Milne demanded compensation from National Health Services (NHS) for putting her through the necessary treatment.

She agreed to an out of court settlement.