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Teen caught driving to driver’s license test site without a license after crashing into police car

By Mason White 12:08 PM November 14, 2014
Damontay Wright 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A teen was arrested for driving without a driver’s license after crashing into a police car, police in Arkansas said.

The incident began when the teen of Jonesboro, drove to a driver’s license test site without a driver’s license and crashed into a State Police patrol car while trying to flee from officers.

19-year-old Damontay Wright was pulled over by police on Monday. When an officer approached Wright to issue a citation for driving without a license, the teen fled.

Wright’s vehicle struck the State Police car, causing minor damage estimated at $6,500. Wright continued on his way, but stopped after crashing into a house.

Damage to the home was estimated at around $20,000. Wright was booked into jail after being charged with felony fleeing.