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Thugs warn people not to walk out at night without enough money for them to steal

By Mason White 5:04 PM November 15, 2014
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By: Feng Qian
A community is angry after thugs warned them not to walk out at night, without enough money for them to steal.

The thugs of Bothaville, South Africa, are demanding that people make sure they have enough money when they are walking outside at night.

The gangsters made their point when they beat up 42-year-old Simon Ramalapi, when they discovered that he did not have enough money for their beer.
“They told me they were going to teach me a lesson for walking around at night in their territory without money to buy them at least 12 beers,” he said.

Some people in the neighborhood, who heard Ramalapi’s screams, ran to help him. Eight of the 10 thugs managed to escape while two were caught and held down until police arrived.

Ramalapi suffered injuries to his head that required 16 stitches.

Police are still looking for the other suspects.