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Husband and wife fall in love with same man and invite him to live with them

By Mason White 5:52 PM November 16, 2014
Three love birds 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A husband and wife decided to invite a man into their relationship after both fell head over heels for him.

Erik Fridland, 35, of Sweden, was married to his wife Linda, 34. They have nine-year-old twin boys and a thirteen-year-old son.

However, one day, Erik, who works as a taxi driver in Stroemsund, confessed to his wife that he fell in love with his colleague.

Linda decided to meet the man, who her husband loves. The man, Hampus Engstrom, agreed to meet the couple for dinner.

However, curiosity soon became lust and Engstrom, 29, confessed that he was attracted to both Linda and Erik.

Linda said that the feelings are mutual. Soon, the three began having a threesome and are now living together as a family.

“I do not think it is impossible to love more than one person at a time,” Engstrom said.

Now, they all live in the same house with the twin boys, the teenage son and Engstrom’s five year-old daughter.

The all sleep in the same bed and they all have sex together.

The couple said that it is not all about sex, and that they do all the mundane things together as well. The couple hopes that they will one day be able to legally marry their third partner.