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Married men having sex with women who want babies for free

By Mason White 10:54 AM November 17, 2014
Sperm donor Kyle Gordy 

By: Feng Qian
Several married men said that they have secretly joined together to offer women the chance to get pregnant by having sex with them without paying a fee.

The men, some of whom are doing this behind their wives’ backs, advertise their services on the Internet and are willing to fly across the country to naturally inseminate women who want babies.

23-year-old Kyle Gordy advertised himself as a sperm donor on his Facebook page and said that he only eats sperm friendly foods.

Gordy said that he made at least one woman pregnant, and he posted the photos on Facebook so customers can see what their potential offspring might look like.

Another man, who is married and refused to be identified, is a father of three teenage children. He claims to have fathered more than 30 children in his seven years as a free sperm donor.

He said that his wife knows nothing of his double life. He claims to have slept with over 100 women. The men said that the aspiring moms turn to them because the natural process is the most efficient way to conceive.