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40 women test themselves for HIV after 25-year-old ladies man dies of AIDS

By Mason White 4:13 PM November 17, 2014
Daniel Decu 

By: Chan Yuan
People of a village in Romania, are in panic after a local man died of AIDS.

Now, local officials said that women in Italy, may also have been infected by the man.

Eight young women in Romania, have tested positive for HIV after discovering at the funeral of a local charmer that he has been living with HIV.

25-year-old Daniel Decu had a charming personality and enjoyed to party. He contracted HIV at the Segarcea Hospital, when he was a child.

According to his mother, other children were also infected at that time. However, the virus did not stop Decu from sleeping with women in Romania and then in Italy, where he spent a year.

When he returned from Italy, he was sick with Teburculoses and succumbed to the disease. Critics have noted that Tuberculosis is often a consequence of having HIV. About 25 percent of deaths among HIV positive people is due to Tuberculosis.

Many of Decu’s female lovers attended the funeral and were outraged to learn that he was HIV positive. So far, 40 women agreed to be tested for HIV. Eight of the women have already been confirmed to have been infected with HIV.

Incredibly, it was also revealed that when a local doctor in Segarcea, Dolj County, tried to warn people the Decu had the disease, he was threatened with a lawsuit by the man’s mother.

Doctor Cornel Stanciu, Decu’s family doctor, knew that he was HIV positive and tried to make his condition public after Decu had a relationship with the doctor’s daughter.

However, when Decu’s mother, Secu Elena, 45, found out what the doctor was doing, she had threatened to sue unless he stopped.

The mother claimed that her son always used condoms when sleeping with women.

According to Romanian criminal law, a person who knowingly infects another person with HIV can be punished with five to 15 years in prison.

Although it is impossible to take any action against the dead man, his mother and his family are being investigated, as well as others who knew of his condition and said nothing.