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Woman files lawsuit against owner of dog that was killed by her 4 dogs

By Mason White 4:25 PM November 17, 2014
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By: Tanya Malhotra
In a bizarre incident, a woman is suing her neighbor after her dogs killed her neighbor’s dog.

The woman in Texas, whose four pit bulls attacked and killed a 10-year-old beagle, is now suing the owner of the deceased dog.

The woman is seeking $1 million in damages. According to court documents, Emerald White claims that she suffered “multiple serious bite and scratch-type injuries requiring ongoing medical treatment.”

She also alleges to be “suffering from fear, anxiety and trepidation as a result of the unprovoked attack.”

White said that she went into the backyard of Steve and Tiffany Baker, to retrieve her dogs, which entered her neighbor’s yard through a hole in the wooden fence that the neighbors share.

The dogs were fighting and Baker’s dog named Bailey, was shaken like a rag doll until it died from its wounds. White claims that she was also injured at that time.

“I could not believe it,” said Steve Baker. “Everyone told me to sue her, but I decided against it because it will not bring Bailey back.”

Baker said that his dog, Bailey, was a loyal companion to his family. The dog had been around his two daughters since they were babies.

Steve was satisfied when his neighbor’s dogs were declared dangerous by local authorities and decided to let the matter go. However, he is now facing a $1 million lawsuit.

Since the incident, White’s four dogs have been declared dangerous by Texas City officials. The dangerous dog ordinance requires owners to obtain secure enclosures that is at least 6 feet tall with a locking mechanical device.

Each of the dogs must be registered with the city annually as a dangerous dog. Owners must post a sign in their yards alerting residents about the dangerous dogs, and owners must also have $100,000 liability insurance for the dogs, police said.