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Man and woman caught having sex near their car outside shopping center

By Mason White 4:53 PM November 17, 2014
The couple 

By: Chan Yuan
A couple was spotted making out near their car at a shopping mall in the United Kingdom.

Now, the couple has become an Internet sensation after photos of them having sex in broad daylight was posted to social media sites.

The images, which have since gone viral, show the couple hugging each other. They also disrobed and were partially nude while leaning against a black Citroen in the parking lot of the Bluewater shopping center in Kent.

Police are looking to identify the couple as they may face charges of public nudity among other charges.

In August, a couple kept themselves busy on public transportation while apparently entertaining other passengers.

The couple who was riding the train in Taipei, Taiwan, did not wait to get to a hotel, but rather got busy while on the train full of passengers.

In the video below, the woman is seen stroking the man inappropriately on the train as if it was a normal thing to do. She drew circles on the upper part of his pants while he was stroking her arms.

The couple stroked each other for a bit before realizing that they were being seen by others. The video has since gone viral and people had fun on their expense.

Some people on social media sites joked and said things like: “They are just practicing giving a massage” or “They are trying to keep each other warm as the air conditioning was too cold.”