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Gay man dressed as woman breaks into homes to rape men in their sleep

By Mason White 3:29 PM November 18, 2014

By: Mahesh Sarin
Men in Murambinda Growth Point, Buhera District, Zimbabwe, are having sleepless nights after a gay man was accused of breaking into homes and raping men.

The suspect, 26-year-old Panganai Tangwena who dresses as a woman, raped numerous men over the past several months, police said.

All victims reported that the suspect broke into their homes late at night, and bit them on their backs and chests before raping them.

The police are looking to arrest Tangwena on charges of sodomy. Investigators believe that the suspect is hiding in the mountainous region outside Murambinda Growth Point.

One of the victims was hospitalized at the Murambinda Mission Hospital after suffering injuries as a result of being raped.

Police also said that Tangwena raped at least one woman. Several years ago, Tangwena served six months in jail after being convicted of sexual assault.