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Grandmother in England shocks her family by converting to Islam and marrying man in Tunisia

By Mason White 12:00 PM November 18, 2014
Jane and Mohammed Makhloufi 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A grandmother of the United Kingdom, said that she was so in love with her much younger boyfriend that she will convert to Islam for him.

The grandmother of ten grandchildren shocked her family by marrying the Tunisian man, whom she met online after divorcing her husband of 26 years.

Jane Makhloufi, 47, of Leeds, is asking the Home Office to grant her new husband, 32-year-old Mohamed Makhloufi, a visa and is committed to convert to Islam for him.

Despite warnings that it was a scam, the mother of seven children traveled to Tunisia, and married the man.

Now, to further demonstrate their devotion, Jane Makhloufi wants to convert to Islam and begin wearing a hijab.

However, Mohamed has so far been refused a visa in the United Kingdom, on the basis that his wife does not work and will be unable to support him if he fails to find a job.

Instead, Mohamed traveled to Dublin, Ireland, after getting a visa, and has been there the last four months looking for work.

Jane Makhloufi, who gets £70 (about $110) a week in disability benefits, has pleaded her case with the Home Office.

She asked Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and even The Queen, for their support, but so far, without success.

Jane Makhloufi admits that many people think that her husband married her to gain citizenship. However, she said that they are wrong.

She said that she was taken not only by his looks, but how courteous and gentlemanly he was.She said that he had opened the car door for her and took her out for exotic meals on the beach.

After 10 trips to Tunisia, Jane Makhloufi was delighted when he finally proposed marriage, and she immediately accepted.

Now, she sends her new husband money and meets him in Ireland. Some people pointed out that if Jane Makhloufi truly loves her husband, then she should move to his hometown of Tunisia.