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Two male radio hosts get breasts and shop for women’s underwear (video)

By Mason White 5:18 PM November 19, 2014
John and Rasheed 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) While radio seems to be a dying business, one pair of hosts are working hard to keep their listeners entertained.

The radio DJs for the JAM FM station in Germany, decided to become women for 24 hours.

The two men, who identify themselves as John and Rasheed, asked a cosmetic surgeon to give them temporary breasts for 24 hours.

The pair was live on the air as the doctor injected saline solution in their chest area. The results were impressive.

Both men had nicely shaped round breasts. During the procedure, a female nurse held the left hand of John, while the doctor inserted the saline.

At 1:04 in the video below, John pointed out that the nurse had placed his hand on her chest, which got everyone laughing.

When they were done, the men went bra shopping, and tried to get random women to feel them up. However, they did not enjoy the experience and applauded women across the world for putting up with their female body parts.

“Bras are torture and every woman should get a medal for wearing this monster,” they said on the station’s Facebook page.

John and Rasheed are well known for their wacky antics in Berlin. Their video has been uploaded the YouTube and has since gone viral.