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Handsome police officer arrested for exposing his privates to men during traffic stops

By Mason White 5:42 PM November 19, 2014
Jason Miller 

By: Chan Yuan
A police officer is in trouble after he showed male drivers his private parts.

The 37-year-old police officer of New Jersey, has been arrested for allegedly unzipping his pants during several traffic stops, authorities said.

Jason Miller, who has been with the Newton Police Department for 13 years, has been charged with lewdness and two counts of official misconduct.

He was freed from jail after posting $35,000 bail.

Miller, who is a married man and father of two children, has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

The officer did not write tickets for any of the stops in which he exposed himself even when the driver committed a crime.

One driver who was stopped, had an expired license and registration while another driver admitted to drunk driving.

Internal Affairs detectives were tipped off to the officer’s actions. The caller said that he felt sexually harassed by the behavior of Miller.

Videos of traffic stops were reviewed by investigators. In one instance, they saw Miller’s “pants were open and his genitals exposed,” according to an affidavit.

In another video, the sound of a zipper opening and / or closing can be heard, the document said.

So far, police have identified five victims, all male between the ages of 18 and 26.