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Man denied teaching job because of his black skin

By Mason White 2:28 PM November 19, 2014
Racist text message to Sean Jones 

By: Feng Qian
A man of the United States who applied for a teaching job in South Korea, was shocked to be rejected because of his black skin, The Korea Observer reported.

30-year-old Sean Jones of Oklahoma, said that he was on his way to a job interview in Seoul last week, when he received a disturbing text message saying: “Hey Sean. Sorry, I was told that they only want a white teacher.”

Jones has two years of experience, great references and speaks Korean.

Two days later, he received a Facebook message that read: “Sorry. I just found out today that my school is one of those that does not hire black people.”

Jones said that if schools want to teach their students about Western culture then they have to be exposed to all the people of Western culture.

By rejecting people because of the color of their skin, students are getting the wrong message, Jones said. South Korea does not have any discrimination laws.

The school that sent Jones the text said that certain candidates are rejected because their students are too young and scared of foreigners.