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Bus drivers urinate in their seats and wear adult diapers while driving as bathroom breaks are restricted

By Mason White 3:50 PM November 20, 2014
Public toilet illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
Bus drivers in Washington, are forced to urinate in their seats while driving as they don’t get enough bathroom breaks, the Local 587 Transit Union said.

Now, the Department of Labor and Industries has determined that King County Metro, failed to provide bathroom access without restrictions to its drivers.

Metro also failed to provide water, soap and paper towels at all rest stops. The lack of toilet facilities has become so severe that 60 driver seats are replaced annually because they are soaked in urine.

Metro employs about 2,600 drivers. The Department of Labor and Industries said that it is preparing to issue a fine against Metro for the violations.

The Department of Labor and Industries launched an investigation after receiving numerous complaints from drivers about the lack of bathroom breaks.

Some drivers reported that they wear adult diapers to work while others said that they urinate in bottles.