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Woman cuts off 3-year-old’s private parts after he walked into her bathroom while she was relieving herself

By Mason White 4:50 PM November 20, 2014
Qiang Qiang rushed to the hospital 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested for cutting off a boy’s private parts because he entered her bathroom while she was inside.

Now, the cruel aunt of China, is facing jail for cutting off the private parts of her 3-year-old nephew because he came into the bathroom and asked to play with her phone.

Xue Paan, 37, attacked her nephew, Qiang Qiang, while she was babysitting him. His mother was at a neighbor’s home in Luohe, Henan.

According to authorities, Paan was sitting on the toilet and sending text messages to her boyfriend when her nephew came inside and asked if he could play a game on her cell phone.

Instead of giving him the phone, Paan went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut off the boy’s private parts. The evil woman then fled the house, leaving the boy home alone.

The boy’s mother, Cai Tuan, 27, said that she was at the neighbor’s house for only 30 minutes. She came running after hearing her son screaming.

“I ran back to the house and could not believe what I saw.
Qiang Qiang had fainted and was laying in a pool of blood. Next to him was a knife and his private parts. It was just horrible,” Tuan said.

The boy was rushed to a hospital, where surgeons were able to reattach his private parts. The boy was then sent to Beijing, for further treatment.

Qiang Qiang underwent three surgeries all of which have been successful and doctors are confident that the child will fully recover.

A police spokesperson said that the aunt was arrested. She admitted to attacking the child because she was angry that he walked into the toilet. She faces up to five years in prison.