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Woman loses both legs in failed suicide attempt

By Mason White 11:59 AM November 21, 2014
Helen Galsworthy 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A young mother opened up about the ordeal of her failed suicide attempt.

At the age of 18, Helen Galsworthy of the United Kingdom, was suffering from depression. She became addicted to cocaine and decided to end her life.

The teenager walked on the tracks near her home in Eastleigh, Hampshire, waiting for a train to approach.
However, as the train approached, she moved a bit.

Her life was saved, but both her legs below the knee were cut off by the train. Galsworthy said that she was conscious long enough to see her legs laying on the track.

A dog walker spotted her laying on the ground and she was rushed to the hospital.

Now, seven years later, 25-year-old Galsworthy said that she can finally talk about the ordeal and come to terms with being a double amputee.

The happiest time of her life was when she gave birth to her son, Thomas. Even though she split with her son’s father.

“When I lost my legs, I thought my life was over, but now I have much to live for,” Galsworthy said.

She has since found another man who loves her for who she is, and is helping her raise Thomas.

Galsworthy has now returned to college to study criminology. She is also involved in helping others cope with depression.