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Students record their teacher having sex with principal in a classroom

By Mason White 1:13 PM November 23, 2014
Drago Kamenik  

By: Mahesh Sarin
A teacher is angry after his students recorded him having sex with the principal of the school.

Now, the principal of Maribor, Slovenia, has threatened to take legal action against the students after the video of him being intimate with a female math teacher went viral.

The student recorded 41-year-old Drago Kamenik, between the legs of 45-year-old math teacher Manja Mertelj.

The incident began when students heard noises coming from a classroom, which they believed was empty.

“We heard the noise, and we knew someone was having sex in there,” said a 19-year-old high school student who witnessed the act.

The student said that at first, they thought it was other students. However, they were shocked to find their principal performing a sex act on their math teacher.

Kamenik, who is a married man and father of two children, threatened to sue the students after they uploaded the clip of the sex act on social media sites.

Kamenik claims that the video is fake, and was photoshopped.

“These fools cannot even begin to imagine the damage they have caused by doing this,” he said.

However, students dismissed his threats, saying that they are willing to release the rest of the footage, which they have recorded from the incident to prove that the man on the video is indeed Kamenik.