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13-year-old girl dies after being forced to undergo female circumcision

By Mason White 4:52 PM November 24, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
A teen girl died after she was forced to undergo a female circumcision, police in Egypt said.

Now, the doctor and father of the 13-year-old girl who were charged with murder, were acquitted by a judge in Cairo.

The doctor claimed that Suhair al-Bata’a, died by an allergy to penicillin and not as a result of the circumcision. Women’s rights activists have expressed disappointment with the outcome of the trial.

They hoped that a guilty verdict would stop female circumcision in the country where 90 percent of women are mutilated.

Female circumcision is illegal under the law, but the practice remains alarmingly widespread. It was the first time a doctor has been brought to trial in the country on charges of carrying out the procedure.

The father of the girl, Mohamed al-Bata’a, was charged as an accomplice.

Dr. Raslan Fadl denied performing the circumcision. He said that he was just removing a wart from Suhair al-Bata’a, and he only made a small incision.

The doctor, who also circumcised another girl in the family, offered the father of the girl 20,000 pounds ($2,800) to keep quiet about her death.

The evidence provided by forensics showed that what happened to the girl was a circumcision, prosecutors said. The judge did not give a reason for his not guilty verdict.

“I hoped that the doctor would be held accountable for my daughter’s death. I wanted justice for my daughter,” the girl’s mother, Hasanat Naeem Fawzy, said.