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Woman commits suicide after her beloved horse was euthanized

By Mason White 4:55 PM November 24, 2014

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman who couldn’t take the pain of being away from her beloved horse, committed suicide, police in the United Kingdom said.

42-year-old Steph Lees of Cawthorne, Barnsley, died the day after Jake, her horse of ten years, was euthanized.

“Steph could not bear to part with Jake, and decided to join it. Jake became sick about 18 months ago, and Steph spent much of her spare time looking after it, trying to get it back in shape,” her mother, Jo Lees, said.

Lees started riding horses at the age of ten and was a member of Rockwood Harriers. Club members this week followed her funeral procession on horseback.

The dead body of Lees had been discovered near the stable in which her horse was kept in the day after the animal was killed.

Lees never married and had no children. Investigators have ordered toxicology tests in order to determine the cause of death.