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Married professor loses his teaching license after impregnating a student

By Mason White 12:32 PM November 24, 2014
Yu Wanli 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A professor in China, lost his job after he impregnated one of his students.

The professor at Peking University of Beijing, was fired and his teaching license was revoked after having an affair with an international student and getting her pregnant.

Yu Wanli, formerly an associate professor at the School of International Studies, had relationship with the student from Singapore.

Authorities said that the victim’s friend, Liu Wei, notified the university about the affair after the woman, who became pregnant by the professor, learned that he was a married man.

Liu sent an email to the university with photos and chat logs from the victim’s phone as proof of the affair.

The victim said that the two first had sex when Wanli came to her dorm room. When the victim went to the professor’s home, she learned that he was married and had a child, but he insisted that he and his wife were separated.

“I told him that I will not be anyone’s mistress because it is not fair to me. He said that he needed time to sort things out,” the victim said.

When she informed the professor that she was pregnant, he demanded she have an abortion. That is when she decided to expose the relationship.

After an investigation, Wanli’s teaching license was revoked, and he was expelled from the school.

In the video below, Wanli can be seen with the victim.