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Man tries to rob and rape man after withdrawing cash from ATM

By Mason White 10:43 AM November 25, 2014
Phuc X. Kieu 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested on charges of attempted rape after trying to rob and rape a man who withdrew cash from an ATM, police in Florida said.

The Gainesville Police Department said that they arrested the Orlando man on Sunday afternoon, after the victim filed a complaint, saying that the suspect tried to rape him and steal his money.

The incident unfolded after the victim withdrew money from the ATM around 4:30 p.m., at the Campus USA credit union located at 1900 SW 34th Street.

As the victim passed by the suspect’s car, 58-year-old Phuc X. Kieu jumped onto him pulled him into the driver’s seat of his Honda, straddled him and tried to undress him.

The man wrestled himself out of the Honda, and Kieu tried to grab the victim’s bag as he ran away. The victim managed to run to a nearby mall screaming “Rapist.”

Police officers determined that Kieu was watching pornography on the driver’s seat of the Honda with a portable DVD player before attacking the victim.

Kieu was booked into the Alachua County jail on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery without a weapon.