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Police officer shoots arrow into dog for trespassing on his property

By Mason White 10:44 AM November 25, 2014
Dog illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A police officer in Australia, is under fire after admitting to shooting an arrow into a dog because it trespassed on his property.

Now, prosecutors in Whakatane, said that they launched an investigation against the officer and are looking into filing charges.

According to the police investigation, the arrow hit the 4-year-old dog in the chest, causing serious injuries. The injured dog made its way back home, where its owner, Jess Wallace, found it in extreme pain.

Three days after the incident, the police officer introduced himself as the person who shot the arrow. The police department is also contemplating the termination of the officer’s employment.

Under the Animal Welfare Amendment Act 2010 it is an offense to intentionally or recklessly abusing an animal that involves prolonged pain and suffering and the need for veterinary treatment.