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Man who tried to cure men from homosexuality marries his same sex partner

By Mason White 5:14 PM November 25, 2014
John Smid (left) and Larry McQueen 

By: Tanya Malhotra
The man who tried to “cure” homosexual people, came out as gay and married his male partner.

John Smid of Texas, was the executive director of “Love in Action,” which is a group that claims it could stop people from being attracted to the same sex.

However, after years with the organization, Smid finally saw that the claim was not true as he was still feeling attracted to men despite being married to a woman.

Smid left the organization “Love in Action,” which is now called “Restoration Path,” and divorced his second wife. He came out as gay and began dating men.

Smid recently married his same-sex partner Larry McQueen in Hugo, Oklahoma, where same sex marriage is legal.

Smid renounced his message that homosexuals could be cured saying: “You cannot repent of something that can not be changed.”

I had faith that something would happen, and it never did. I’m not willing to keep fighting for something that will never happen,” Smid said.