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Outrage as father dresses transgender daughter as boy in open casket at funeral

By Mason White 5:19 PM November 25, 2014
Jennifer Gable (left) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Members of a family, who refused to accept their daughter’s lifestyle choice, made their point during her funeral.

When a transgender woman of Idaho, died her friends were shocked to see that her family dressed her as a man for her funeral.

32-year-old Jennifer Gable died suddenly of an aneurysm while at her job at Wells Fargo Bank.

Her friends who attending the service, were disgusted to find that she was dressed as a man. Her long hair was cut short and she was wearing a suit.

Activists said that this incident demonstrates the importance of having a will that explicitly states provisions.

Gable had a sex change, and has been living as a woman for several years. However, her father reportedly never accepted her as a woman.

At the funeral, she looked like a man, and there was no mention of the woman she had become. The family only had an old photograph of how her parents perceived her to be.

Her obituary does not mention the fact that she had been living as a woman for several years. The obituary used the name Geoffrey and gender specific “he” and “his,” and there was no mention of Jennifer.

“How can they bury her as Geoffery when she legally changed her name? Very sad,” one friend said.