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Pregnant woman lures girl into her home and helps her husband rape her

By Mason White 6:18 PM November 25, 2014
Tan Beibei and Bai Yun Jiang in court 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was jailed for life after luring a girl into her home so her husband can have sex with her.

The couple raped the victim and then killed her when she fought back.

A court in Heilongjiang Province, China, upheld the convictions of the husband and wife for murder, rape and robbery after the wife, who was pregnant at the time, pretended to be sick and lured the 17-year-old girl to her home before helping her husband sexually assault her.

The Higher People’s Court rejected the couple’s appeal to reduce their sentences, and upheld the original sentence handed down by a lower court.

The wife, Tan Beibei, was sentenced to life in prison, while her husband, Bai Yun Jiang, was sentenced to death.

According to authorities, the victim, identified as Hu, was walking home to her home in Jiamusi, when she met Tan. Beibei was on the sidewalk and appeared to have collapsed on the street.

Beibei asked Hu for help getting home. Once there, the husband offered the girl yogurt, which was laced with clonazepam, a sedative.

The couple then attempted to rape the girl, but were unsuccessful because she was conscious enough to fight back.

The couple then killed Hu by choking her with a blanket before burying her body.

Beibei reportedly said that she had been caught cheating on her husband, and out of guilt, she wanted to get the girl to pleasure her husband.

The court also heard that the couple had tried to carry out similar attacks on two previous occasions. One time, they attempted to rape the classmates of their daughter.