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Woman extorts lawyer by falsely accusing him of fathering her children

By Mason White 12:07 PM November 26, 2014
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By: Wayne Morin
A woman was arrested on charges of fraud after allegedly accusing a lawyer of fathering her children, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they arrested 32-year-old Edith Bidokwu, after being accused of defrauding attorney Obaduemu Bright.

According to the police investigation, Bidokwu and Bright dated each other for 10 years. During this time, the woman had two children.

Bidokwu, who was charged along with her 54-year-old mother, Rita Bitokwu, swindled out of the lawyer N1,000,000 ($5,630) in child support payments.

Bidokwu threatened to inform Bright’s wife about their relationship if she did not continue to receive support. Bright however, learned that his lover was going out with other men and decided to take a paternity test.

The paternity test revealed that he was not the biological father of the two children. The woman and her mother were charged with three counts of fraud.

The two pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bail was set at N300,000 ($1,690) for each defendant.