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Teacher tapes 7-year-old student to chair and locks her in dark closet

By Mason White 4:01 PM November 26, 2014
Rachael Regan and Deborah McDonald 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A teacher and her assistant were arrested on charges of child cruelty after allegedly taping their young student to a chair, prosecutors in the United kingdom said.

Prosecutors in Bradford, told the Bradford Crown Court that 43-year-old Rachael Regan and 41-year-old Deborah McDonald, singled out and harassed the student in a school in the area of Calderdale.

The two women, both of Halifax, denied causing intentional cruelty. Staff members have told the court that they witnessed some of the abusive incidents.

The court was told that the teacher and her assistant stuck sticking notes on the child, tied their shoes together with a rope, kicked her chair and hid her doll.

An investigation by the school and the police began after the girl told her mother that the teacher tied her to a chair with duct tape so that she shouldn’t move.

The child had difficulty breathing and the whole class laughed at her, the court heard. The girl was stuck to the chair for about 10 minutes.

The women then went to another classroom and showed others what they had done to the girl. Police told the court that these defendants bullied the girl on a regular basis.