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Woman destroys boyfriend’s Mercedes after walking in on him in bed with another woman

By Mason White 1:02 PM November 26, 2014
The car 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was devastated when she walked into her boyfriend’s home and found him in bed with another woman.

She decided to hit him where it hurts most and destroyed his Mercedes.

25-year-old Maria Alejandra Samaniego of Colombia, took revenge by using a black permanent marker on his white Mercedes, and wrote some nasty things against him in Spanish.

Samaniego asked her friend, Valeria Cazares Aranda, 28, to record the act. The video has since gone viral with many women supporting the woman’s revenge act.

In the video, Samaniego was heard laughing as she scrawled her message all over the car.

Samaniego explained that she found her boyfriend, Pabil Muniz Quintanilla, 27, in bed with another woman at his home in the city of Barranquilla, Atlantico.

She stormed out of the home, and went to get her friend. She then convinced the security guard to let them into the garage area without notifying Quintanilla.

The woman destroyed the car and then left the premises.