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Man kills stepdaughter one week after marrying her mother

By Mason White 10:23 AM November 28, 2014
Pascal Kaufmann 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man from Germany, is behind bars after killing his stepdaughter in the United States.

3-year-old Charlie Brame of Florida, was rushed to a hospital, where doctors found signs of “aggravated child abuse with severe brain trauma and sexual abuse,” according to the Orlando Police Department.

The child died of her injuries at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Her stepfather, 19-year-old Pascal Kaufmann, was arrested for her injuries and was charged with child neglect and rape, police said.

Kaufmann moved to the United States, and married the mother of Brame a week before the incident, according to a police report.

Ironically, the girl’s mother left her biological father, claiming he was abusive. He was arrested but the charges against him were dropped.

On Saturday, Kaufmann took care of Brame while her mother was at work, according to his arrest report.

Kaufmann told police that the young girl was injured by falling off a bed. When she did not move, he borrowed a neighbor’s cell phone and called his wife.

When paramedics arrived at their home in Orlando, they found the girl struggling to breathe with bruises covering her back and head, police said.

The injuries were not consistent with a fall, but rather of a blunt trauma to the back of the skull, police said.

Brame’s biological father had been concerned about Kaufmann, and begged the girl’s mother not leave her alone with him, the police report stated.

According to the biological father, Brame said that Kaufmann had spanked her. “He told the child’s mother that Kaufmann should never touch his daughter again or he would kill him,” according to the police report.

Kaufmann could face life in prison depending on the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of Brame’s death.

He is being held without bail.