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Woman takes revenge against school board member after he groped her on train

By Mason White 11:17 AM November 28, 2014

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A woman was angry when she was groped by a man on a train.

The woman of Japan, refused to allow the man to get away with the acts.

She angrily grabbed the man and forced him to leave the train at the next station, where he was detained until police arrived and arrested him.

Turns out that the pervert does not fit the usual profile of a sex offender. He was a member of the Kanagawa Prefecture Education Board.

According to police, the man had given a class at a seminar in Yokohama earlier that day, and was on his way back to Tokyo.

According to authorities, the education board member admitted to having a few drinks on the train to relax from his hectic day before groping the 30-year-old woman.