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Millionaire gives luxury homes to villagers in his hometown for free

By Mason White 12:52 PM November 28, 2014
The new homes 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man has taken his kindness and appreciation to a whole new level.

The millionaire businessman of China, has bulldozed the wooden huts and muddy roads of the village in which he grew up, and built luxury homes for the people living there.

54-year-old Xiong Shuihua was born in the Xiongkeng village, Xinyu, and said that his family has always been well taken care of and supported by residents during his childhood.

So when he had the good fortune and made millions in the steel industry, he went to the village and returned the favor.

Shuihua spent almost $5 million to built 72 luxury apartments for villagers and their families.

He also set up a kitchen where the elderly and poor can eat three meals a day for free.

“I earned more money than I can spend, and I didn’t want to forget my roots,” he said.

“I wanted to make sure that the people who helped me and my family when I was younger, were paid back,” he added.

75-year-old resident Qiong Chu said: “I remember his parents. They were kindhearted people who cared deeply about others, and it’s great that their son has inherited that kindness.”