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9-year-old girl arrested and charged with battery for punching younger sister

By Mason White 12:54 PM November 28, 2014

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A 9-year-old girl was placed in handcuffs and hauled off to jail after hitting her sister.

The incident occurred in Indianapolis, Indiana, after the girl’s mother called the police to report the “domestic disturbance.”

When police arrived, the girl’s mother, Andrea Stumpf, showed them a video of the 9-year-old girl punching her six-year-old sister in the head.

Stumpf told officers that she had been arguing with the 9-year-old girl at her home in the 7600 block of Delaware Street.

During the discussion, the girl reportedly turned and punched her younger sister.

After watching the video, which Stumpf had recorded on her cell phone, officers decided to arrested the 9-year-old girl. She was taken to the Marion County juvenile center.

The identities of the girls have not been released because of their ages.