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Gang kidnaps businessman and chains him to toilet for 4 days

By Mason White 11:07 AM November 30, 2014
The suspects 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A criminal gang kidnapped a businessman and chained him to a toilet for several days, police in Nigeria said.

Now, the Lagos State Police have arrested three men who are suspected of kidnapping the businessman, chaining him to the toilet for four days and demanding ransom.

55-year-old Hammed Fashola, who owns an oil company, told detectives that the suspects wanted him to pay N20 million ($112,000) in exchange for freedom.

Police said that they have arrested Kingsley Chukwuma and two brothers, Kelvin and Victor Igah, on charges of kidnapping. Chukwuma, and the Igah brothers were arrested in the home where they kept the victim.

Fashola was rescued by the police after four days in captivity. A witness, 39-year-old Kevin, said that two gang members brought Fashola to his home and chained him to the toilet.

Kevin said that he fed the victim throughout his ordeal.