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Perverted 17-year-old boy arrested for enrolling as 12-year-old child at elementary school

By Mason White 3:37 PM November 30, 2014
Randy Ray Wesson (left) and Ricardo Javid Lugo  

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A teenager was arrested for his scheme to recruit young boys for child pornography.

The 17-year-old boy claimed to be 12 years old, and registered as a sixth grader at a Texas elementary school.

The teen has been arrested on child pornography charges. Ricardo Javid Lugo is accused of impersonating an elementary student and recruiting children in connection with a child pornography case.

He has been charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute child pornography. His bail was set at $250,000.

Lugo did not work alone. Police also arrested Randy Ray Wesson, 28, who posed as the father of the teenager and produced documents to get Lugo into the Hurst Hills Elementary School.

Wesson reportedly produced a birth certificate, doctor records and proof of residency, all showing that he was only 12 years old.

Wesson allegedly admitted to sexually abusing more than 100 children between the ages of 7 and 14.

According to police, Wesson contacted Lugo, a U.S. citizen living in Mexico, via social media and persuaded him to come live with him in the United States.

According to an arrest affidavit, Wesson had 42,000 child pornography images stored on his computer and on various media storage devices.

Police were alerted to the alleged scam by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and raided the home in Fort Worth, which the two shared.

Wesson was arrested on charges of possession with intent to promote child pornography. Lugo was removed from class by Child Protective Services before he was arrested.

Police are urging parents to speak to their children to find out if they fell victim in the scheme.