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Boy, 13, missing for four years found behind fake wall in father’s home

By Mason White 4:45 PM November 30, 2014
The child and his mother reunited 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A brave 13-year-old boy was able to download a phone application, which helped police find him after missing for 4 years.

The terrified child was found on Saturday, behind a false wall in the linen closet at a home in Atlanta, Georgia, four years after his mother reported him missing in Florida.

The boy was found after the Clayton County Police were responding to a call of a child being beaten in Jonesboro.

The occupants of the house denied any knowledge of a 13-year-old child in their home. Police searched the house, but found nothing, authorities said.

However, a second call came in and officers returned to the house. This time, they had information about where the boy was being kept.

Agents opened a linen closet, removed a fake wall and found the child behind it. Police said that they boy was able to download an application, which allowed him to send text messages to his mother.

The mother then called the Clayton County Police. When police were unable to find him, the boy told his mother where he was placed.

The mother had reported the missing child four years ago, when he failed to return from a visit with his father.

The father, Jean Gregory, 37, his wife, Samantha Joy Davis, and three unidentified minors were arrested and charged with false imprisonment, obstruction and child cruelty.

The boy was reunited with his mother and family members at an emotional ceremony in the Clayton County Police headquarters.