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Monkey walks into woman’s home and attempts to cook before getting into her bed

By Mason White 4:28 PM November 30, 2014
Monkey illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Families in Zimbabwe, were shocked when a monkey came into their home and attempted to cook itself a meal.

The monkey was shot and killed in the suburb of Emakhandeni, Bulawayo, after causing havoc for several days.

The monkey entered different homes looking for food. In one home, the monkey opened a fridge and ate all the fruit before going to a bedroom and got into a bed.

In another incident, the monkey placed pots on the stove in an attempt to cook food. People claimed that the monkey used their bathroom while in their home.

“We were surprised because there are no mountains here so I don’t know from where this monkey came,” a resident said.

Many people suspect that the monkey belonged to a family in the neighborhood. However, nobody claimed the monkey while it was causing havoc in the neighborhood.