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Man, 26, arrested for killing his mother with his vehicle during an argument

By Mason White 4:00 PM November 30, 2014
Shane Jones 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man in Maine, was arrested for killing his mother during an argument.

Police tracked down the man more than a week after he allegedly killed his mother with his truck, authorities said.

Shane Jones was arrested near Sanford, just 20 miles away from where he fatally struck and ran over his mother.

49-year-old Kimberly Jones died on Sunday, at the hands of her son.

The 26-year-old fled the city of Biddeford, after he hit his mother with an open passenger door of his car.

According to Deputy Police Chief JoAnne Fisk, the two had been arguing before the incident.

Shane Jones was arrested without incident on Friday afternoon, and charged with felony counts of leaving the scene of a fatal accident and reckless conduct with a motor vehicle.

Shane Jones is not a stranger to police. He reportedly has a long criminal history, including theft, robbery and domestic violence. He has been involved in two car accidents before. Both happened because he was following another car too closely.