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Company mixes food for nursing homes and hospitals in cement mixer

By Mason White 11:01 AM December 1, 2014
Cement mixer illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A company was shut down after being accused of mixing food in a cement mixer, health officials in Denmark said.

The Food and Veterinary Administration found that Nordic Ingredients violated hygiene rules by producing foods in a cement mixer.

The food was delivered to nursing homes and public hospitals to patients who have difficulty swallowing food.

An official of the Food and Veterinary Administration, said that in addition to food production in a cement mixer, the facilities in which the company produced their foods were dirty.

“The cement mixer was cleaned between uses,” officials said. The company used an orange cement mixer just like construction companies.

There were layers of old food from previous productions, where bacteria and other microorganisms thrived. Up to a dozen public facilities receive food from Nordic Ingredients.

Many of them spent Thursday, destroying all food they received from the company. Other facilities that have received their food include Svendborg Hospital, Aalborg University Hospital, and Vendsyssel Hospital.

Many facilities say they were unaware that the company, which has now been closed, was not registered with the Ministry of Health.