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Flight attendant fired from her job for being too hot for take-off

By Mason White 6:08 PM December 1, 2014
Zuhal Sengul 

By: Wayne Morin
A flight attendant lost her job at Turkish Airlines, after executives of the company saw her sexy video shoot on YouTube.

31-year-old Zuhal Sengul of Turkey, infuriated her bosses when they saw her showing off curves in low cut blouses and corsets for a series of photo shoots.

Her photos also appeared in a popular magazine in Italy.

Officials at the airline said that the last straw was a video, which showed Sengul posing in a bikini.

“Simple pastel-colored makeup is preferred for staff working in the service sector,” a spokesperson for Turkish Airlines said.

Some believe that Sengul, who is a vegetarian activist and has a black belt in karate, may have been fired because her country is increasingly becoming more religious and the airline is seeking to align their policies with its customers.