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2 adults arrested for stabbing a father in front of his children at their school

By Mason White 4:22 PM December 1, 2014
Steven Higginson with partner Joanne Quinn 

By: Feng Qian
Two people were arrested for stabbing a father of six children.

A man and a woman have been charged after the father of six children was stabbed in front of an elementary school.

Steven Higginson, 33, of the United Kingdom, was attacked on Friday, after picking up three of his children from school.

He managed to pull himself into the school to get help and was rushed to a hospital. Luckily, he survived his injuries and has since been discharged.

The attack happened in front of Higginson’s children. Higginson’s partner, Joanne Quinn, 32, said: “the kids, McKenzie, 10, Lewis, 7, and Lacey, 3, were traumatized by what they saw.”

Quinn is grateful that Higginson survived. She said that “almost losing someone makes you realize how much you love them. I thought he would die. When I saw him, he was covered in blood.”

“We have six children and he is a good father. I just could not cope without him. I am glad they still have a father,” she added.

Greater Manchester Police said that they have now charged two people in connection with the attack outside the North Walkden Primary School in Salford.

Barry Parkes, 42, and Natalie Lawton, 30, who fled the scene, were tracked down, and were arrested and charged assault.

Higginson and the two had a long-standing dispute, which is believed the have started over a parking space.