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Man wins $1,000 after suing landlords over cracked toilet seat (video)

By Mason White 4:27 PM December 1, 2014

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man was upset when his landlords refused to change a cracked toilet seat.

The man sued and has been awarded almost $1,000 in compensation by a court in Australia.

In the lawsuit, which was handled by the Victorian Civil and Administrative ­Tribunal, Riley Nottingham stated that the cracked toilet seat cut his skin and drew blood.

Nottingham, 23, who is renting his apartment in the Kensington suburb of Melbourne, said that he was embarrassed to have people over because of the broken toilet seat.

Nottingham attempted to have the issue resolved by sending emails to the real estate agent who is responsible for the upkeep of the apartment.

However, when they did not respond, he filed his lawsuit. VCAT member Jessica Klingender ruled in his favor, noting that the problems “made the daily requirement of sitting on the toilet inconvenient, uncomfortable, potentially painful and unhygienic.”

The homeowners of Malaysia, Kim Wah Yong and Heng Lai Liu, were ordered to pay $933.57 to Nottingham.

Nottingham, who has since moved from the apartment, said that he cannot collect the debt because he cannot find an address for the landowners in Australia, and the real estate agents refuse to hand over their address, claiming privacy issues.