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Young woman cuts up her love rival for sharing her boyfriend

By Mason White 2:55 PM December 2, 2014
Holding knife illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was arrested on charges of murder after killing and cutting up her love rival for sharing her boyfriend, police in Sweden said.

Askersund Police said that the 25-year-old suspect murdered her 22-year-old female love rival by stabbing her several times in the chest.

According to the police investigation, both the defendant and the victim had a relationship with the same man. The stabbing attack unfolded in the apartment of the victim.

Police found hammers, a carving knife, sleep hormones, syringes and needles at the scene of the crime. The suspect told investigators that she did not intend to kill the woman.

She said that she only wanted to scare her away from her boyfriend, but once she entered the apartment things got out of hand.

After killing the woman, the suspect fled from the scene. Later, she returned to the apartment, stuffed the victim into Ikea bags and buried her remains in a forest.