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Woman arrested for using Taser on 3-year-old child

By Mason White 11:08 AM December 2, 2014
Ramona Braswell 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman of Florida, was arrested on charges of child abuse after using a Taser on a young child.

Ramona Braswell, 30, was arrested by police on Saturday in St. Petersburg, after she was accused of using the stun gun on her nephew.

Braswell faces a felony charge of child abuse after police allege that she intentionally touched the 3-year-old boy with the stun gun, causing visible injury to his arm.

Braswell denied hurting the child on purpose, claiming that she was playing with the device when it discharged, hitting her nephew.

The boy’s mother called police after her son began crying and told her what had happened.

Braswell was released from the Pinellas County Jail after posting bail of $5,000.

Braswell’s sister had decided not to press charges against her. However, police said that they will not drop the case, for the sake of the child who was clearly hurt.

Police also recommended that Child Protective Services visit the home to investigate the mother.

WFLA News Channel 8