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3 gay men in hot tub fight over who earns most per hour working as escort

By Mason White 11:19 AM December 2, 2014
Austin Adams (right) Douglas Tench (center)
and Michael Gordon (left) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police were called to a home in South Carolina, after three men got into a fight while soaking themselves in a hot tub.

The night began with the three men “enjoyed one another’s company,” but ended violently, police said.

Officers arrived at the scene about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, after 18-year-old Austin Adams allegedly assaulted 21-year-old Douglas Tench.

According to police, the men got into an argument over
who gets paid more for services as a gay escort.

Tench told police that he was visiting from Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend a gay club in Spartanburg. There he met Adams, who was spending the evening with 33-year-old Michael Gordon.

Tench was invited to join Adams and Gordon at a home where Gordon was the dog sitting, police said.

The three men got into the hot tub on the deck, where Gordon told police that they were kissing and touching one another.

However, during their time together, Adams got into an argument with Tench, and assaulted him by punching and kicking him.

Adams said that he was angry with Tench, because the victim said that he gets paid more for his services as an escort.

Adams initially told police that Tench threatened him with a knife, but he was unable to describe the weapon, and the police did not locate a knife in the house.

Adams was charged with simple assault. Tench and Gordon received citations for providing alcohol to a minor.