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Drunk man found sleeping in office chair at meat store (video)

By Mason White 3:46 PM December 2, 2014
Ricardo Cardona 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Police in Texas, were called after a man was found sleeping in the office of a meat store.

Police have arrested a 28-year-old man after he broke into a business in Austin, stole a couple of sausages and fell asleep.

Authorities reviewed surveillance video of Hudson Meats, which showed the man trying to break down the front door.

The man, who was identified as Ricardo Cardona, shook the door for about 20 minutes, until it came off.

The intruder then took some sausages from the meat processing business, and walked out the door. He went back inside and walked to the office. Once in the office, he grabbed a coat and fell asleep on the chair.

When workers came to the store in the morning, they found Cardona sleeping. They called police, who woke him up.

Cardona told police that he had been drinking. He was arrested on charges of trespassing. The shop owner said that no money was taken and nothing was missing other than the sausages.

The shop owner said that their insurance company paid for a replacement door.