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Chef dies while having sex with 2 men he met on the Internet

By Mason White 3:17 PM December 3, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
Police in the United Kingdom, have launched an investigation after a chef died while having sex with two men.

The Canterbury Crown Court heard how the head chef at P&O Ferries died of a heart attack after he was mummified in plastic wrap during a sex game with two men he met on the Internet.

47-year-old Alun Williams was unable to regulate his body temperature after being wrapped in plastic. He suffered dehydration that eventually led to a heart attack, a jury was told.

The chef, who lived with his girlfriend in Shepherdswell, Kent, had an interest in bondage and mummification. He regularly met men through the Internet for risky sex.

35-year-old Richard Bowler and 23-year-old David Connor, both of Canterbury, are accused of unlawfully killing Williams.

According to the police investigation, the two suspects wrapped Williams in transparent plastic film and subjected him to bodily harm in the form of dehydration, overheating and stress on his cardiovascular system.

Bowler called police and told them that he had been involved in a sex session with a friend and he stopped breathing.

Williams was found wrapped tightly from head to toe in plastic sheeting and plastic wrap with a free space around the nose and mouth so he could breathe.

A hood was placed over his head, supposedly at the request of Williams. The two also face a charge of negligent homicide. Both denied the allegations.