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77-year-old fake doctor caught after treating patients for 30 years

By Mason White 5:55 PM December 3, 2014
Vidoje “Willy” Peric 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An elderly man was arrested, charged and convicted of endangerment after practicing medicine without a license, prosecutors in Switzerland said.

Prosecutors in Lugano, said that 77-year-old Vidoje “Willy” Peric, served as a doctor for 30 years.

He was sentenced late on Monday, to six months in jail.

Peric, who is originally from Serbia, claimed to have received a diploma in medicine at the military academy in Belgrade, but could not produce an original copy.

Over 30 years ago, the man was caught posing as a doctor in Serbia, prosecutors said.

However, he managed to keep practicing in Switzerland, despite having failed twice in attempts to obtain a Swiss Federal Diploma in medicine.

After one failed exam, Swiss experts determined that Peric knows medicine less than the average man on the street.

Peric offered his patients unconventional treatments, including therapy for the nervous system and ozone therapy, which involves drawing blood from a patient and mixing it with ozone before being re-injected into the body.

One patient suffered from blood poisoning as a result of an unhygienic syringe. Due to the severity of the case, the prosecution tried to put him behind bars for three years.

The court however, sentenced him to six months in prison. The judge also imposed a three-year ban on his work in the field of medicine.